Need to process untrusted inputs with C/C++? Oftentimes, security best practices do not get implemented; limited resources causes things to slip through the cracks. Our expert security engineers work alongside your team to measurably increase the security of your product. Whether you rely on software developed in house or third party/open source libraries, we will help you assess your current security posture and deploy additional software hardening techniques without degrading overall system performance.

We have a background in cutting-edge systems security research and have experience applying a wide range of exploit mitigation, containerization, and sandboxing technologies at scale. Not only do these technologies limit the “blast radius” when a vulnerability gets exploited, they can prevent adversaries from targeting an otherwise-exploitable bug in the first place.

Approach & Experience

Not two situations are entirely alike. We first take stock of the operational constraints and establish a performance baseline that will guide the remainder of our engagement. We are used to working in highly performance constrained environments and have experience building or customizing existing exploit mitigation and isolation mechanisms (or changing how they are applied) to fit a given use case, build process, or deployment.

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