We Improve Systems Software

Immunant is a leading systems software consultancy. The most privileged layers in the software stack are not as secure or reliable as we'd like. It doesn't have to be that way! We do high-impact applied research and development such as:

  • enhancement of existing code in user, kernel, or hypervisor mode,
  • migrating critical C/C++ to safer, modern alternatives such as Rust,
  • exposing existing C/C++ code to Rust via idiomatic APIs, and
  • fuzzing and hardening your code and applying runtime exploit mitigations.

Systems security is all about trade-offs; nothing is free or perfect. We work with your engineers and management to understand your operational constraints. Then we deliver high-quality code and docs to spec and on time. Drop us a message to learn more!

Visit our blog for examples of recent work and try out our C2Rust translator.