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Securing your software shouldn’t have to come at the expense of efficiency. At Immunant we work alongside you to develop customized security solutions. We specialize in tailoring cutting-edge research to fit the software you build and the threats you face. From legacy embedded systems to modern browsers, we can help you secure, migrate, and build systems software.


Even the best software has security vulnerabilities. We are leading experts in automatically mitigating the impact of these bugs. Let us help you apply state-of-the-art defenses to your software today.


Straining under the burden of a legacy codebase? We provide a cost-effective and compatible solution for migrating your buggy, insecure systems software into a modern and maintainable language.


Struggling to interface between your shiny new Rust code and your existing code? Need to isolate unsafe legacy libraries? Let’s talk about how to build customized tooling to suit your needs.

Information Security R&D

We rely on our background in computer science to address longstanding information security challenges. We offer a limited set of R&D services to enterprise and government customers.

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